Glenda's Guide to Gynecology

Glenda's Guide to Gynecology

  • Are Visits To Your Gynaecologist Mandatory After Menopause?

    Most women are aware of the fact that they need to start paying annual visits to a gynaecologist once they start becoming sexually active and throughout their fertile years. Furthermore, women's reproductive health is not merely about trying to get pregnant — it also encompasses everything from the condition of their reproductive organs, irregular menstrual cycles, sexually transmitted diseases and so on. A gynaecologist also performs checks to protect women against ovarian, cervical and breast cancer.

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    Glenda's Guide to Gynecology

    Gynaecology can seem like a pretty embarrassing subject. However, when I had a problem and my doctor referred me to my local gynaecology unit, I soon learnt that being embarrassed is silly when you are dealing with medical professionals. The doctors and nurses at my local OBGYN centre were really great and they explained what they were doing with each step of the treatment. I have now made a full recovery and I'm doing really well. I hope that by writing about my experiences, I can help other people who have an appointment with their local OBGYN clinic or hospital.